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Useful Tips to Draft a Canada Student Visa Application


On a regular basis, we get new and varied stories of students applying for a student visa and being rejected. Follow some effective and adapted tips to draft the student visa application successfully.

What is the Student visa requirement?

The student Canada visa requirement is that you must have,

  • a valid passport,
  • attested copies of the 10th, and 12th, along with Degrees,
  • passport photos,
  • two academic references,
  • two employer references,
  • a letter of acceptance,
  • a written statement of purpose,
  • proof of payment and financial funds,
  • certification of extracurricular achievements,
  • study and visa permit,
  • other additional requirements if asked by the university

How to Apply for A Student Visa: Tips to Apply

Check if the University is Registered

Researching a registered University in Canada is the topmost thing to do. EduCanada contains all the Canadian education providers that register, recruit and teach students from abroad. It is always the wisest decision to make, cross-examine through an immigration consultant can also help in moving to Canadian universities

Choose the Right Course

Canadian Universities are divided into specialized schools which surely offer a wide range of programs. Know the available courses at the Canadian university, some of Canada’s leading universities offer courses in Business & Finance, Engineering, Nursing, and more

Register as a Student

The third step to note while applying for a student visa application is to enroll in the course only through the official website of the university.

Type of Visa

Choose your student visa stream that meets your visa validity, course type, and duration of the course. For instance, for a 3-month course, you will be needing a different visa and beyond 3 months a different one.  

Application Proof from an Institute

Always make sure that you get a confirmation of enrolment from the institute applied. As the same will be needed during the student visa application.

Seek for Experienced Immigration Agent

The student application process is an overwhelming process therefore it is vital to have assistance from reputed immigration consultants who are qualified, and well-versed with student visa applications.

Prepare for Interview

Prepare well about yourself, your family members, your educational background, and more as soon as your visa application is processed. Research at your end on the most asked questions for the student visa application interview.

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