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5 Questions to Ask your Canadian Student Visa Consultant


Professional immigration consultants help many international students throughout the Canadian student visa application. It reduces the possibility of visa rejections. Prospective international students should be careful about choosing Canadian immigration consultants or they will end up getting scammed by frauds. Here are five questions to ask to know whether they are reliable or not.

Do You have the RCIC (Registered Canadian Immigration Consultant) Number?

On Canada’s official website, there is a search function that can be used to verify someone’s RCIC number. This will help you in identifying unsuitable people who commit study visa fraud. If the consultant is being truthful, their name or that of their firm will be listed in the ICCRC database.

How long have you been a consultant for immigration?

Long-term practitioners of immigration rules will be familiar with the requirements for and procedure for applying for Canadian student visas. They would have gained knowledge through helping the students over the years and would be aware of matters that may not always be listed on the IRCC website.

For their application for a study visa to Canada, international students must have several supporting documents. It could be necessary for them to present alternative documents and a letter of explanation if they are unable to offer particular ones. Each document needed for your application will be discussed by your Canada student visa consultant. Additionally, the immigration specialist will also help you in creating a strong letter of explanation for any documentation you are unable to provide.

How long does it take to complete a study visa application?

What paperwork do I need?

A certified RCIC will be informed about the most recent processing timeframes for applications and will be familiar with the processing duration of the vital paperwork for your application. They can help you navigate the process and guarantee that your application is submitted as soon as possible.

Can you help to get a work permit while I study in Canada?

International students who intend to work off-campus while attending classes may be able to do so by getting a work permit. The consultant can help you in filing for a work permit if you need one to work off-campus.

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