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Canada Immigration Fraud: 5 Scams You Should Know How to Spot

Canada Immigration Fraud: 5 Scams You Should Know How to Spot


Canadian immigration scams are on the rise as people increasingly move to Canada. These scammers who pose as an official immigration consultant, lawyer or agency creatively scam their clients. Those looking forward to migrating to Canada need to stay away from such scams.

Here are the five most common types of immigration fraud/ scams you should spot immediately:

The Phone Call Trick

Fraudsters may call on your phone and claim to be from a particular Canadian immigration office. However, as the call progresses, they will request a payment to start your immigration process.

Some recent instances demonstrate that scammers attempt to talk under the guise of federal IRCC officials.

Keep in mind the following notices issued by the IRCC:

The IRCC never asks for any payments on the phone.

The IRCC only contacts clients via telephone to ask for relevant information and documents.

The IRCC does not ask for the basic details you have already provided, such as name, date of birth, passport number and more.

Phishing Emails

In this type of fraud, scammers send emails claiming to be from a specific immigration office and ask for a fee to process your application. These emails generally feature the province government logo and the official address.

While such emails make use of poor grammar or a tone that lacks authenticity, several appear professional nowadays. You should never transfer any sensitive information such as financial details over on such emails.

Fake Immigration Websites

Fake immigration sites look similar to the official IRCC portal. Often, they put up too good to be true deals. Below are some ways to spot a fake Canadian immigration website:
Claims to provide impressive deals or a guaranteed entry into Canada
No padlock icon in the browser window

No means of contact are available on the website, such as the telephone number and office address.

High Paying Job Offers

An immigration interview never comes with a job offer. In many Canadian jurisdictions, it is illegal to offer jobs in exchange for a fee. These fraud recruiters frequently offer jobs to clients so that they can extort money.

Fake Immigration Consultant

Deceitful immigration consultants usually win the client’s trust and promise to help them in their application process. Like a fake agency or website, the demand for a fee and disappear once they receive it.

Check the legitimacy of an immigration consultant on the official ICCRC website. Click on ‘Find a professional’ to search if the hired consultant is licensed and a member of the RCIC.

The immigration procedure is stressful and contains numerous technicalities.

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