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Hiring Canadian Immigration Consultants

Top 5 Key Questions to Ask Before Hiring Canadian Immigration Consultants


Working with an immigration consultant or lawyer is an excellent alternative if you want professional advice on your application. That is why choosing a consultant who has been recommended to you by a trustworthy source is one of the best methods to avoid getting scammed. You can, however, take further measures to prevent fraud.

Thus, by asking the following questions to any Canadian immigration consultant or lawyer you are thinking about hiring is one strategy we highly advise.

Here’s a list of top 5 most frequently asked questions that could prevent you from losing hundreds of dollars—not to mention your time and effort—in scams.

What is Your RCIC Registration Number?

All paid Canadian immigration representatives are required to hold the appropriate licence to practise as an immigration consultant or attorney.

You shouldn’t work with a representative if they can’t provide documentation of their credentials. The College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (CICC) regulates Canadian immigration consultants (RCIC), and these consultants are required to have a current RCIC number to demonstrate their good standing with the organisation.

How Much It Can Cost You For Immigration Services?

Make sure to estimate the whole cost in your own currency and determine whether it is within your means. Comparing the prices of several experts and attorneys to determine what is reasonable and what is excessive can also provide you positive aspects.

In addition, understanding the payment mechanism is crucial. When are you supposed to start paying? Is there a promise that the work will be finished in between payments?

How Long Will the Contract/Retainer Last?

Make sure you understand how long your retainer agreement or contract will last in relation to the stated or anticipated processing period of your chosen immigration program before you sign it.

Can I only Get One-Time Consultation?

One-time consultations are offered by the majority of trustworthy consultants and attorneys who provide personal immigration services.

You can schedule an appointment with the consultant or attorney for a single session to go over your personal information and your needs for Canadian immigration. Sometimes, the immigration consultancy firms also offer FREE consultation services. So, your best options will be selected by the consultant or attorney, who will also go over them with you.

What are My Chances to Succeed Through This Immigration Program?

Your success in an immigration program cannot be guaranteed by a competent consultant or attorney. Please be wary if someone promises to obtain a visa for you with absolute certainty! This is a huge warning sign. Before you sign a contract, a consultant or attorney should be able to give you a general estimate of your prospects.

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