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A Guide to Protecting International Students Against Canadian Immigration Fraud


Every March, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) proclaims the month to be Fraud Prevention Month in order to raise awareness of the various frauds and scam games that affect immigrants’ life in Canada.

Unfortunately, foreign students in Canada are naturally thought of as simple victims by these scammers. They become targets of fraud on websites, over email, over the phone, and on social media. This is simply due to the reason that victims will do anything to pursue their desire to study in Canada.

Thus, we bring you the blog that will discuss the rising frequency and prevention of scams and fraud against international students in Canada.

Fraud Types in Canada

Fake Consultants

Unlicensed immigration agents are commonly known as fake consultants. They would provide assistance to international students in exchange for a fee before cutting off all contact after the victim has paid.


In order to obtain sensitive personal information that can be used to rob victims of money and other valuables, fraudsters will connect with potential international students in various scams.

False Job Offers

As international students will do anything to further their studies in Canada, they easily get trapped while following their work ambitions in Canada.

How to Protect Yourself Against Scams in Canada?

Here’re three tips that can help you save from becoming a victim of any scam:

Beware of Fraud Call or Text

Prospective and recent international students should not act right away if they receive a strange phone or text, such as one threatening legal action if money is not exchanged. If you receive communications like this, you shouldn’t take any immediate action.

Protect Your Sensitive Information/Data From Scammers

Newcomers to Canada are advised not to give out their personal information over the phone to incoming callers (scammers). This is because of the chance that they are attempting to trick the caller by posing as a trustworthy financial institution or government body. The IRCC won’t actually call someone and demand payment for anything.

Don’t Click on Refuted Links

The links which are not verified are frequently used in text message scams by senders to attempt to acquire critical personal or financial information. It is advised that students must refrain from clicking on the links.

Significance of Maintaining Valid Study Permit and Legal Status in Canada

Making sure that foreign students must keep a valid study permit and their legal status to be cautious against fraud in Canada. International students should take precautions to avoid engaging in illegal employment and make sure that the requirements of their study visa are met in order to achieve this.

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