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Exploring Lucrative Healthcare Opportunities for Immigrants in Canada: A Comprehensive Guide for 2024


Canada’s healthcare sector is calling for skilled professionals to address a substantial demand for qualified workers. As of the last quarter of 2022, the Healthcare and Social Assistance category reported a staggering 143,695 job vacancies, making it the sector with the highest demand for workers across the nation. Interestingly, a significant portion of Canada’s healthcare workforce, with 25% of Registered Nurses and 36% of Physicians, comprises individuals born outside the country. This guide delves into the burgeoning healthcare job market, shedding light on the best opportunities for immigrants in 2024.

In-Demand Healthcare Jobs for Immigrants

1. Registered Nurses and Psychiatric Nurses (NOC 31301)

Critical to patient care, the demand for Registered Nurses and Psychiatric Nurses is particularly high in provinces like Ontario and British Columbia. Job openings in Canada for this profession amount to 155,400, with an average annual salary ranging from CAD$ 52,000 to CAD$ 94,276.

2. Licensed Practical Nurses (NOC 32101)

Integral to the healthcare system, Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) are in demand in provinces like Alberta and Manitoba. With 27,800 job openings, LPNs can expect an average annual salary ranging from CAD$ 43,463 to CAD$ 65,223.

3. Nursing Coordinators and Supervisors (NOC 31300)

Crucial for smooth healthcare operations, Nursing Coordinators and Supervisors are sought after in Saskatchewan and Quebec. The job market offers 23,100 openings, with average annual salaries ranging from CAD$ 45,100 to CAD$ 103,896.

4. General Practitioners and Family Physicians (NOC 31102)

Essential for primary healthcare, General Practitioners, and Family Physicians are needed throughout Canada, with Nova Scotia and New Brunswick offering optimal job opportunities. The sector boasts 48,900 job openings, with average annual salaries ranging from CAD$ 76,759 to CAD$ 51,997.

5. Specialist Physicians (NOC 31100)

Highly valued for their expertise, Specialist Physicians can find lucrative opportunities in Ontario, with 29,800 job openings and average annual salaries ranging from CAD$ 100,694 to CAD$ 557,366.

6. Professional Occupations in Health Diagnosing and Treating (NOC 31209)

Professionals in Health Diagnosing and Treating, such as Optometrists and Chiropractors, are in demand in British Columbia and Alberta. With 17,900 job openings, annual salaries range from CAD$ 27,446 to CAD$ 122,316.

7. Pharmacists (NOC 31120)

Playing a vital role in medication management, Pharmacists are highly sought after in provinces like Ontario and Quebec. The job market presents 16,100 openings, with average annual salaries ranging from CAD$ 54,112 to CAD$ 144,300.

8. Physiotherapists (NOC 31202)

Aspiring Physiotherapists can find favorable conditions in Manitoba and Saskatchewan, with 14,300 job openings and average annual salaries ranging from CAD$ 48,100 to CAD$ 95,584.

More Opportunities for Immigrants in 2024

Between 2017 and 2022, Canada welcomed approximately 21,000 healthcare workers, averaging just over 4,000 workers per year. In an ambitious move, Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) plans to double this number, aiming to bring in around 8,000 new healthcare workers annually.

IRCC, on May 31, 2023, announced a new category-based selection for Express Entry, prioritizing healthcare occupations among the six chosen categories for draws in 2024. Additionally, provinces like Alberta have introduced specific pathways, such as the Designated Healthcare Pathway, under the Alberta Advantage Immigration Program, to attract skilled healthcare professionals.

Several provinces, including Alberta, British Columbia, and Ontario, have already conducted targeted draws for healthcare occupations in 2023, showcasing the industry’s continuous demand for skilled workers.

A career in healthcare in Canada not only promises job security but also provides an opportunity to make a positive impact on people’s lives. Whether on the front lines of patient care or contributing behind the scenes in administration, these in-demand healthcare jobs offer diverse opportunities for immigrants seeking to work and settle in Canada.

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