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Learn 4 Easy Steps to Get a Job in Canada

Learn 4 Easy Steps to Get a Job in Canada


Getting a job in Canada can be difficult at times. There will always be competition when you start looking for a job in Canada. However, you need to be qualified and have sufficient work experience to get a job in the country.

By 2023, the government of Canada plans to invite more than a million skilled workers to fill the vacant job positions. Also, employers in Canada who are waiting to offer jobs to immigrants.

If you get a valid job offer in Canada, you can easily get a Canadian PR visa. Here’s, how to start!

How to Get a Job in Canada?

Having an opportunity to work in Canada is one of the biggest advantages for immigrants. When companies in Canada show any interest to hire you, they must apply for a job offer. After that, you receive a valid Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) from a Canadian employer. In the end, you get a valid job offer that helps you to get a Canadian visa.

You need to keep the following things in mind while applying for a job in Canada;

  • Skills required for a job search.
  • Resources to find a job.
  • Job vacancies matching your needs.
  • Process to apply for jobs in Canada.

An Easy Guide to Getting a Job

A well-built Profile
The key step to getting a job in Canada is the presentation of your profile. The most important feature to present yourself is your CV/Work Portfolio.

You need to have a good profile that includes detailed information about your previous work, education, and persona.

Apply for a Canadian Work Permit

You do not need to have a work permit or study permit for all the jobs in Canada. Still, for most jobs, an applicant must need to choose a type of work permit – Open or employer-specific work permit.

Also, check if you are meeting all the work-permit eligibility criteria. Only then you can apply for a Canadian work permit.

Explore the best Job Platforms

It is vital to look for jobs in Canada on true and reputed recruitment websites. You can easily find multiple job positions on these two Canadian job websites: Canada Jobs and Canada’s Job Bank.

Apply for Jobs
The most important step to getting a job in Canada is to apply for one. For a job offer from Canada, you need to be qualified for the role that you apply for. That is why you need to apply for jobs that match your work experience, skills, and qualification.

If you have no valid work experience, try to get the same before applying for a Canadian visa.

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