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A Guide to Make your British Columbia Visit a Budget-Friendly


Irrespective of how hard we try to cut on something here and there, traveling does burn a hole in your pocket. With the accommodations, the flights, and the adventure, nothing is cheap these days. But what if you have a guide that gives you a British Columbia sightseeing idea that is affordable yet fun? That’s what we have for you.

Here are the best places to visit in British Columbia on a budget.

1 English Bay Beach

The best thing about this tourist location in BC is that it is free for everyone to visit. You can see people playing volleyball in the sand, and the view here is spectacular. It is at its best in the summer season.

2 Royal BC Museum

A quick walk from the BC Parliament Buildings will take you to the most popular spot in the area, Royal BC Museum. The entry fee is as low as $5. This history museum is one of a kind and is loved by adults and children alike.

3 Granville Island

This shopping district is a favorite among all. It is a cultural hub with various food joints, a theatre, and many stores of all kinds. The food and shopping here are inexpensive yet excellent. A fantastic ferry boat ride will take you to Granville Island.

4 Yoho National Park

This exquisite park lies in the Rocky Mountains and is well known for its waterfalls and fauna. You can see the rufous hummingbird, timber wolf, and mountain goat, among many others. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, so you are surely going to enjoy every bit of the time spent here.

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