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Tips To Avoid Immigration Fraud Warning

Tips To Avoid Immigration Fraud Warning


Fake immigration websites and agencies set up scams and fraud schemes for Canadian immigrants. They entice the clients to send money and steal their personal information. These phony websites pose as the official immigration sites of Canada and claim to help. After clients transfer money and information, they disappear without providing any aid regarding the immigration process.

As such websites are on the rise, immigrants coming to Canada need to pay utmost attention to the consultants they hire. Whether you are a student, businessperson or even a worker, you should be aware of deceitful immigration agencies.

Here are some ways tips to avoid an immigration fraud warning:

There is no compulsory requirement to hire an immigrant consultant to complete the immigration process.

Choose only RCIC (Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants) consultants for your immigration process. These consultants are licensed and have valid credentials. They are experts in the immigrant field and walk the applicants through the entire procedure while explaining all technicalities. Moreover, your visa application is secure and safe with RCIC.

Immigration websites do not offer elaborate deals such as guaranteed Canadian visa, work permits, free air tickets, accommodation, scholarships or high-paying jobs. If any agency displays such advertisements, they are looking to scam potential victims.

Numerous fraudulent websites appear as the official immigration website of Canada. The only legitimate website of Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) is Canadian immigration websites never ask for any fees or money. All forms and applications are free to access from the CIC’s website.

Do not submit any false documentations for the sake of completing your immigration process quickly. It will only result in the rejection of your application. No genuine immigration site asks clients to deposit any amount of money before starting the application procedure.

Verify the legitimacy of your immigration consultant before you proceed with your application. You can check the status of your consultant at the official website of ICCRC-CRCIC. With the right immigrant consultant by your side, you can complete your immigration process safely without falling into any elaborative schemes.

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