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The Most Popular Immigration Pathways to Canada in 2023


Canada has over 100 immigration pathways to choose from and welcomes 250,000 newcomers every year through the most popular immigration categories which are: Family class, Economic class, and Refugees.

Who Can immigrate to Canada?

Immigration to Canada begins with applying for Canadian Permanent Resident status. Canadian immigration laws consider PR visa applications in three important categories.

Family – Class Sponsorship

The category of Family Class is for immigrants who have direct relations in Canada and who have vowed to give financial assistance. Under this category, citizens or permanent residents of Canada can sponsor their spouse, dependent child, or other qualified family member or relative.

Economic Class

The economic class category includes skilled workers with Canadian experience, and others qualifying under business immigration categories.

Skilled Worker Class

The Federal Skilled Trade Program (FSTP) opens a pathway for skilled trades workers to get the status of permanent residency in Canada. Where the Federal Skilled Worker Program is an immigration route for applicants who have never worked or studied in Canada. The skilled worker category includes people who have occupational skills, education, and experience matching the Canadian labour market.

Canadian Experience Class

The Canadian Experience Class is one of the most popular and successful pathways for immigrants living and working in Canada who have temporary status but want to apply for permanent residency.

Business Class

If you are an entrepreneur or a self-employed immigrant, the quickest way to Canadian immigration might be through a federal or provincial business immigration program. Immigrants must have sufficient funds, skills, and experience to do business in Canada.

Refugee Class

The Refugee category is for workers who are needing security and can’t get back to their nation of origin and wish to get comfortable in Canada.

Who cannot immigrate to Canada?

As per Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA), certain individuals are known as “inadmissible” and are not permitted to come to Canada on the grounds of security concerns, human or worldwide privileges infringement, criminality or wrongdoings, coordinated culpability, medical issues, financial reasons, deception, or having a prohibited family member.

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