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Visa Fraud during Immigration

Tips to Avoid Visa Fraud during Immigration


Moving to a country like Canada is a sky-size experience. No wonder, overseas immigration brings excitement, zeal, and responsibilities into the life of immigrants. As a result, candidates choose the shortest possible route for getting their Canadian visas approved.

While so many applicants have different reasons to apply for a visa in Canada – work visas, student visas, visas to settle in Canada, tourist visas, visit visas, and more, there has been a high-reaching demand for visas worldwide.

With sky-high demand for Canadian visas globally, the immigration industry of Canada has become home to many fraudulent visa consultants and Canadian visa scammers.

Scams and Fraud – Know the Difference!

The term, scam refers to a much narrower wrong than fraud. It means a false scheme to do a money or business transaction. On the other hand, fraud captures a broader category of wrongdoing. Fraud generally means implied dishonesty and misleading

What is a Visa Fraud? How does it begin?

A Visa fraud happens when the fraudulent consultant company offers false hope to applicants on immigration to Canada or promises to give visas and jobs to their innocent clients. Candidates were asked to pay for all the services, concluded or not.

Useful Tips to Detect a Visa Fraud

Website and Contact in Disguise

Fraudsters do not use any official, accredited, and transparent medium to get in touch with clients. They use cutting-edge technology to mask their numbers and important information on their official accounts. You need to verify the same while attending a call from any of such scammers.

Fake Job offers

Pretending fraudsters may call/text/message/fax or email aspiring immigrants to promise to help them in starting a new life in Canada and go more extreme by saying to offer promising opportunities in Canada. Some official documents are also sent by them to win your confidence, then secure personal details and advance payment.

False Immigration Promises

For a fact, no visa assistant can guarantee immigration to Canada, except for a few legitimate and regulated consultant companies. But to be on the safer side, it is always advised to look for their verification. To verify whether any information is from an official consultant, the IRCC can help you to know.

Stay Alert

If you are applying for a visa and dealing with multiple agents and assistants, it is the foremost and last thing to keep in mind to always get in touch with trusted, experienced, and regulated Canadian immigration consultants.

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