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Canada the Most Popular Destination to Live

What Makes Canada the Most Popular Destination to Live and Work?


Canada’s annual immigration population is recorded to welcome 300,000 newcomers the previous year. More than 8 million Canadian immigrants with that permanent residence got registered in Canada. Individuals across the world choose to settle in Canada for different reasons. 

Explore some of the remarkable reasons to know what makes Canada – the top destination for all the upcoming Canadian immigrants, below!

1. The Land of Job opportunities

Canada ranked among the safest countries in the world. Not only this, the idea of resistance, cultural diversity, and inclusivity makes the place a liveable spot to live and work. Moreover, the country is the second-largest in the world and home to around 15 million people. A rapid increase in the population of Canada has seen a breakthrough in jobs and industries. Big thanks to Canadian immigration policies which have continuously encouraged the immigrants to explore job opportunities in Canada.

2. Robust Healthcare and Education Sector

Immigration to Canada is itself a benefit of getting a well-heeled life. But moving to Canada also enhances the two other aspects of life – Health and Education. Canada’s prerequisites include free healthcare and quality education. The permanent residents of Canada gain an edge in the subsidized healthcare perks also coupled with access to free education rights for kids up to secondary level.

3. Canada’s Multiculturalism

This is so far the best and the most sought-after feature every immigrant or newcomer wishes to experience in a foreign land. The idea of adopting, embracing, and celebrating diverse cultures stays to be an attractive trait of the country. The best bit is, that Canada celebrates Multiculturalism fest every year on June 25th.

4. Enhanced Living Standard

Undoubtedly, immigration to Canada becomes an overwhelming experience, if the entire process is likely to manage on its own. Once, life in Canada is set in motion, there is a start to a wide array of captive experiences. Whether it’s about witnessing impelling city life in Toronto or finding yourself walking on the wildlife trails of Manitoba province, is worth becoming a part of Canadian life. 

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