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What is CICC in Canadian Immigration – CICC’s Role, Benefits, and Consultants


Immigration to Canada can be an overwhelming experience and without bonafide guidance, it is acceptable to become a part of the endless confusion. Where applicants do not know about registered immigration consultants that are where regulatory bodies like CICC come into the picture. The leading consultant provides a crucial service to those intimidated by immigration law, as they can navigate the IRCC process from start to finish.

What is CICC?

CICC stands for College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants – the new professional immigration regulatory body of Canada, to regulate all the Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCICs). Canada’s Immigration Minister Sean Fraser inaugurated the self-regulatory body.

What does CICC Do?

The self-regulatory institution CICC, accepted by the Citizenship Act, and Immigration and Refugee Protection Act is known to permit representatives to do Canadian immigration and citizenship consulting. Moreover, it acts as a supervisory body for authorized consultants and takes a charge against unauthorized consultants in Canada. 

What is RCIC? What role exactly does an immigration consultant play?

Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCICs) are certified or recognized representatives by the CICC, which play the role of immigration and citizenship consulting for newcomers in Canada. With valuable services when recognized by the accredited regulatory body, an individual becomes a certified RCIC.

RCIC’s immigration consultants will create an immigration strategy after discussions with newcomers in Canada. This strategy will be based on your preferences and potential to do well in a specific region in Canada, depending on what kind of job you’re trained for. A representative helps you when applying to immigrate to Canada. 

What does CICC do for Canadian Immigrants?

The establishment of CICC aims at securing the interests of new immigrants to Canada. They build rigorous rules, and policies in a framework to control the immigration consultants in compliance with the provision of citizenship and consulting services. If representatives are found practicing illegal and intolerable activities, they may face severe penal punishments and straight cancellation of license.

How to choose the best immigration consultant for Canada PR?

Hiring a Canadian immigration consultant surely brings the perks like the highest chances of Visa approval, seamless immigration paperwork, and clear insights on immigration policies, rules, guidelines, laws, and amendments.

But when looking for an immigration consultant, you must ask people whom you trust. Ideally, get recommendations from a few people, so you can get all the legitimate options before making a decision. One way to find the right immigration consultant is to take free consultations from authorized companies and see what services are available as per the price range you are looking to work with. 

Seek out professionals in your industry who have years of experience, at least a bachelor’s degree, and hours of training. Ask them about all their credentials, and be wary of unregistered providers because it can lead to future legal problems.

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