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How to Choose RCIC Consultant

A Brief Overview of RCIC – How to Choose RCIC Consultant


Immigration can be a complicated process, and without guidance, it is easy to become lost in confusion. Most of the applicants do not know about the process that is where a registered consultant or immigration advisor or RCIC comes into the picture. The best consultant provides a crucial service to those intimidated by immigration law, as they can navigate the process from start to finish.

Here, we will be discussing the role, of RCICs in Canadian immigration and why they are necessary for Immigration.

What is RCIC? What role exactly does an immigration consultant play?

Your consultant will create an immigration strategy after discussions with you. This strategy will be based on your preferences and potential to do well in a specific region in Canada, depending on what kind of job you’re trained for. A representative helps you when applying to immigrate to Canada. 

Why should you hire an RCIC consultant?

With an RCIC, you can consult with representatives authorized by the Canadian government and have good standing. There is a strict code of conduct for RCICs, rigorous testing requirements, and continuing professional development.

How to select the best immigration consultant for Canada PR?

When looking for an immigration consultant, ask people you trust. Ideally, get recommendations from a few people, so you can get all the options before making a decision. One way to find the right immigration consultant is to take free consultations from many companies and see what services are available for the price range you are looking to work with. 

Seek out professionals in your industry who have years of experience, at least a bachelor’s degree, and hours of training. Ask them about all their credentials, and be wary of unregistered providers because it can lead to future legal problems.

What services does a Canadian immigration consultant provide?

You can obtain immigration services from a consultant before and after you obtain a visa. These services may include eligibility evaluation, providing updates and support, or suggesting the best PR route for you.

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