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Reasons You Need An Immigration Consultant

Reasons You Need An Immigration Consultant


Moving to a different country such as Canada is already challenging. Moreover, with numerous documentation and paperwork to fill and submit, you may want your immigration process to go as smoothly as possible.

It’s easy to make mistakes too. You can fill up details incorrectly. And some of the sections, like your work experience and education, can be pretty exhaustive. You can also do a procedural mistake – like having a joint bank account with your parents which you show as proof of funds – which isn’t accepted.

While there is no mandatory requirement to hire one, these consultants are incredibly beneficial. People who apply without the help of an immigration consultant are less successful and delay their applications for a long time.

So, here are six advantages of hiring an immigration consultant for your Canadian immigration process:

Dodge Costly Mistakes

When a mistake occurs in your application, the immigration officer sends it back. You have to fill and submit a new application entirely. It can delay your immigration process by weeks, months and even years.

An immigration consultant knows the entire procedure to avoid any mistake that may delay your application.

Guiding Through The Visa Section

Sure, you want to immigrate to Canada, – but how? You have choices such as the student visa, express entry programs visas and even family sponsorships – and you need to know what’s the best option for you. Your consultant is well-versed with all the options available for you. They advise according to your situation and profile.

Verified Documents

Even a small mismatch of documents can prevent you from going to Canada. The Canadian authorities may subject your documents as fraudulent and even reject your application altogether. To prevent this from happening, consultants verify all your documents before presenting them.

Up-to-Date With Regulations And Permits

There are specific regulations and permits to follow after you submit your application. A professional consultant keeps up with these updated regulations and permits. They explain the confusing parts and technicalities, giving your application a better opportunity to approve.

Efficient Follow-Ups

There needs to be clear communication between the applicant and the immigration authorities. A consultant acts as your representative and makes sure no miscommunication occurs.

Knows All The Rules

Immigration consultants continue to work with you to ensure your stay in Canada, temporary or permanent, goes smoothly. They make sure you don’t break any rules during your visit and look out for your best interests.

The immigration procedure may seem stressful, but an immigration consultant makes it much more manageable.

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