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8 Ways to Improve Canada Express Entry Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) Score


One of the most accepted immigration systems that Canada proclaims is Express Entry System. The candidates with applications are arranged in an express entry pool, with a maintained Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score.

The Express Entry application requires candidates to have at least a 533 score. The candidate must have these skills, in order to get this score.

• 100 points for the candidate’s age
• 140 points on your education qualification
• 150 points for bilingual language test proficiency
• 70 points if you have prior Skilled work experience within the province of Canada

Top 7 domains Where You Can Improve Your CRS score.

1. Language

Language proficiency is can add up to a CRS score of 260. It holds an important place in achieving higher positioning on your CRS ladder. English or French speakers can easily improve their language skills and achieve additional 100 points.

2. Qualifications

The higher the level of your qualification, the higher the CRS scores you shall expect to get. If you are not qualified from Canada, your educational degrees will be verified through ECA. Non-Canadian Experience Class needs to show their bachelor’s degree which can add up to 170 points, So, rather than waiting for a while, you can evaluate and enhance your qualifications or complete any other educational program.

3. Study in Canada

Students can also get CRS points for studying in Canada above high school. They may earn additional 15 points for a 1 or 2-year diploma or certificate course and straight 30 points for at least 3 years in a diploma or certificate course.

4. Provincial Nomination

Since PNP categories tend to open and close quickly, it is highly important for the candidate to stay alert to PNP news, express entry draws, new categories, document-ready, and timelines. Such an alarming nature of yours can help you to move one step ahead of securing straight 600 points along with the ITA.

5. Work

Canadian work experience is more demanding than non-Canadian work experience. Make sure you must have at least 3 years of work experience in Canada. Workers with work permits in Canada may also get more points.

6. Valid Job Offer

The idea of accepting a job offer in Canada is worth up to 50 to 200 CRS points. Moreover, it cogently accelerates the chances of receiving an ITA. If you are not in Canada, you may explore a plethora of online resources or may reach out to recognized immigration consultants.

7. Spouse/Partner

With a spouse, candidates can improve their CRS scores as the spouse’s education qualification, language proficiency, or a valid work experience in Canada can add up to an additional 20 to 10 CRS points.

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