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Everything About Working Holiday Visa (WHV) –3 Best Working Holiday Places in Canada


Looking for new experiences in Canada but at the same time want to get the best benefits and holiday on a budget? Are there any options to go on a working holiday in Canada?

Yes, anyone can apply for a working holiday visa in Canada and enjoy the beauty of The Great White North while working.

What is Working Holiday Visa?

To get the option to travel and work in Canada temporarily, you’ll need a Working Holiday Visa (WHV). The validity of the visa is from 1 to two years. When you apply for WHV and receive success on your application, you will get an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA). This document will permit you to enter the country.

The International Experience Canada

The Working Holiday program in Canada allows you to see everything glorious about Canada. Around 35 countries participate in the International Experience Canada (IEC) working holiday program. Each country gets an equal amount of placements under three categories. The eligible applicants will be placed into a pool and then can apply for a WHV visa if selected.

Who are Eligible to Apply to The IEC Programs?

The citizen of a partner country may apply under one of these categories:

  • Working Holiday Category
  • Young Professionals Category
  • International Co-op Category

In case, you are not a citizen of a partner country, you can still apply through International Experience Canada (IEC) – a recognized organization.

Top 3 Working Holiday Spots in Canada

The purpose of your working holiday in Canada must include a mind-blowing holiday experience. So, ensure you’re not always at your work desk!

Here are a few budget-friendly working holiday places in Canada that you must plan;

Canadian Museum of Nature

A place that has a lot to explore in natural history. The museum of nature was initially a natural history museum. But later, it got anthropology and history areas. It costs around $17 for adults and $13 for children (3 to 12 years)

Jasper National Park

The park is situated in Edmonton and considers to be the best for hiking, rafting, and sightseeing. The admission entry charges to visit the park are $10.50 for adults and $21.00 for the Family group. The good part is, it is free for youth.

Niagara Falls

You can’t miss out on not visiting Niagara Falls when in Canada. This place is a dazzling destination to experience boat rides in the mist. Niagara Falls is in a public area on Niagara Park’s land. Thus, it can be assessed for free any time of the year.

The list of free activities includes:

The natural world wonder, Winter Festival of lights, Dufferin Islands, Niagara river recreation trail, Floral clocks, Botanical Gardens, and more.

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