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Student Visa Application After a 5 to 25 Years Study Break


It doesn’t make any difference if you choose to apply for a Canada study visa after 7 years, 10 years, or even 25 years. Most colleges in Canada permit an education or study break of two years for undergraduate programs and five years for postgraduate courses.

IRCC Rejection Policy if Applicants Have Study Break

IRCC plans to draw in the most splendid foreign applicants to learn at Canada’s academic establishments. Therefore, they will generally be unbelievably severe about approving study permits and student visas that don’t meet their rules. It is assessed that Canadian immigration officials reject 30% of the study permit applications they get yearly.

Common Reasons to Justify a Long Study Break

A candidate for several legitimate reasons may have a study break.

Medical Challenges

Many individuals decide to discontinue their studies to resolve huge medical problems or health issues they face. Medical situations are undeniable; thus it is viewed as a valid justification for a study break.

Family Emergency

Individuals may likewise end their education for family reasons. It’s normal for individuals to be compelled to require their scholastic interests to be postponed to deal with family issues on priority.

External Exams

IRCC for the most part expects candidates to have at least a score of 6.0 on their IELTS to apply for a study permit. Hence, exams might be viewed as a genuine justification for a study break.

Poor Financial Reasons

Many individuals fantasize about seeking after their further education in Canada but probably won’t have enough funds to begin and finish studies.

Work Experience

Substantially, many undergraduate programs in Canada expect candidates to gain work experience to be qualified for the program.

How to Justify a Study break on a Student Visa Application?

The most common ways to mention a study break on a Canadian student visa application are;

Select the Right Study Program

Applications must pick the right field of study for their schooling in Canada.

Valid Reason in Your Cover Letter

Address the justification behind the break in the study. The justification behind coming to Canada and a statement that you expect to leave after finishing your examinations are important to express.

Can I get a student visa approval If I have a long study break?

No assurance that your student visa application will be supported if you have an extended study break. Canadian Visa officials will watch out for any potential warnings that show you’re not being honest about your aim to study in Canada.

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