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The 7 Most Common Reasons Your Spouse’s Open Work Permit Was Rejected


Foreign nationals may help their spouse get employment while they are studying or working here in Canada. But how? A Spouse Open Work Permit makes it possible for you to do this! However, obtaining this particular work visa can be difficult, and applications frequently get rejected for a number of reasons.

About Spouse Open Work Permit

The Spouse Open Work Permit (SOWP) is a unique kind of work permit that permits its holders to employment with any Canadian employer. However, there are many reasons why applications for Spouse Open Work Permits are denied by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

Here’re some of the reasons for Spousal Open Work Permit refusals;

Relationship Proof

Applicants for a Spouse Open Work Permit must demonstrate a genuine relationship with their spouse who is living, working, or attending school in Canada. In some circumstances, presenting a marriage license may be adequate, but if you’ve only recently gotten married, it’s best to offer other supporting documentation.

Proof that Your Spouse Has Attended DLI

If your spouse or common-law partner is studying in Canada, you must show proof that they are attending a Designated Learning Institution (DLI). IRCC rejects people who fail to provide this proof to ensure that international students are abiding by their study permit’s terms. As a result, the rejected applicants would not be able to obtain work permits.

Lack of Proof of Funds

You need to show that you have the resources to support your stay in Canada. This financial evidence can be presented in the form of financial records; such as bank statements from the previous six months. The minimal amount of funds applicants need is not known yet by IRCC.

Failure to Prove Your Intent to Live in Canada

If your spouse is temporarily working or studying in Canada,  you must show that you intend to leave Canada at the end of your stay. By including a compelling cover letter, you can prove that you want to leave Canada. In order to prove that you own a company or other property in your nation of residence, you should additionally present supporting documentation.

Employment Proof

You must provide evidence of your spouse’s or common-law partner’s employment in Canada if they are a married couple. These documents can be used as proof of this:

  • Copy of spouse’s work permit
  • Pay stubs from the spouse’s employer
  • A letter from the spouse’s employer confirming that they are employed at the company.

If You’re Sponsored by a Canadian Permanent Resident or Citizen in the Past
Your application may also get rejected if you were sponsored by a Canadian Permanent Resident or Citizen in the past. In this scenario, you are required to proof with a support letter. This letter would act as an explanatory letter of your previous rejection.

Note: The support letter must be genuine and convincing!

If your spouse received a loan from the government after obtaining a PR
IRCC may also reject your application if your spouse received a loan from the Canadian Government after they received their permanent residence. Because this will state the poor financial status of your spouse. To avoid getting denied, you shall offer an explanation letter and relevant documents to prove your financial condition.

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