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Top 5 Benefits of Hiring An RCIC for the Canadian Visa Process


The Canadian permanent residency visa application process is time-consuming and can be difficult, especially for newcomers. One needs to be knowledgeable enough to manage the process single-handedly.

From gathering legal documents to getting them verified, and submitting them to IRCC is impossible without a personal assistant. Only the best and most certified immigration consultants like RCIC can indeed manage the immigration process seamlessly.

Who is an RCIC?

A Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) is an authorized professional or consultant who exists to guide and represents your PR application.

Having an RCIC throughout your application process brings many advantages. Here are the top five reasons why you should hire an RCIC when planning to immigrate.

RCICs Know How The System Works

The RCIC consultants are trained, experienced, and authorized in the field. They stay updated with the latest immigration news, policies, and laws. They can direct you in the right direction. Thus, by reaching out to the top RCIC consultants you can simply avoid choosing the wrong immigration pathways.

Communicate On Your Behalf

The RCIC can communicate with the Canadian immigration authorities on your behalf and set you free from never-ending headaches. The process involves a lot of time, money, and energy. Thus, working closely with RCIC can be the best decision for your PR process in Canada.

Experts in Managing Complex Cases

Sometimes an immigration case could require an extra set of documents, which you probably won’t know about. In addition, there may be a case where your application needs anything additional. Here, the Canada PR office can visit you as your agent and figure out issues for your benefit. Not only this if your application gets rejected due to admissibility reasons, the RCIC will also take care of this in an effective manner.

Manage your Paperwork and Application Process

Do you have any idea that even one invalid document can prevent you from going to Canada until the next time?

Submitting legal documents without any guidance is a confusing task. You might complete the application on your own but chances are that you submit the documents wrongly or vice-versa. However, an RCIC will take care of every single piece of paperwork for you. They can save you from hours of trouble and help in verifying your documents efficiently.

Prepare a Personalized Strategy

Besides taking your application in the right direction, RCIC’s role also includes building customized solutions and strategies for clients. The agents know well how to proceed with an application based on different needs. Moreover, they are equipped with various other alternatives in case the current one doesn’t fit.

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