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Spousal Sponsorship

How to Know If You are Eligible for Spousal Sponsorship?


Those who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents and are married to or in a relationship with a foreign national may sponsor that person to join them in Canada as permanent residents. To sponsor, candidates need to meet;

In order to sponsor your spouse or partner, you must:

  • Be 18 years
  • Must be a permanent resident residing in Canada or a Canadian citizen;
  • Not be inadmissible or charged with a crime;
  • Not been sponsored as a spouse in the previous 5 years;
  • If eligible, the sponsored candidate must be at least 16 years

There Are Three Categories in Which the Sponsor and Sponsored Person Must Prove Their Relationship:


There must be a legal marriage between the sponsored person and the sponsor. In case the marriage is committed within Canada, a certificate of marriage is required to show the validity of the marriage. However, if the marriage is formed not within Canada, it should be legal under the laws of that country and Canadian laws.

Common Law Partner

Sponsor and sponsored must live together continuously for a minimum of one year.

Conjugal Partner

a sponsored person may be defined as a conjugal partner if exceptional circumstances beyond their control have prevented the partners from qualifying as common-law partners or spouses, such as immigration barriers or legal restrictions limiting divorce or same-sex relationships.

Candidates are not qualified if they:

  • Have not made family support payments, performance bonds, or loans for immigration;
  • Have neglected a previously sponsored family, causing them to look for social assistance to meet their fundamental necessities;
  • Is subjected to a removal order;
  • Is incarcerated in a penitentiary, prison, jail, or reformatory;
  • Has gotten any type of social aid other than for a disability;
  • Have filed for bankruptcy but the court has not issued an “order of discharge.”;
  • Were sponsored and had their status as permanent residents for less than five years;
  • Has previously sponsored a spouse or partner, and three years have not gone by since the sponsored spouse or partner became a permanent resident of Canada;
  • Have already made a request to sponsor their present partner, spouse, or child. 
  • Have committed a sexual offense, as well as offenses that caused, attempted to cause, or threatened to cause bodily harm to relatives.

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